Comic #10 - Baguettes

Comic #10 - Baguettes - 19 October 2016

We've recently returned from a nine-day holiday in Cambodia! Stay tuned for our upcoming videos and articles! 

In the Cambodian countryside, halfway through a 15-hour bus ride, we had a rest stop at a place with a roadside bakery. I went to the bakery to buy a baguette, since we hadn't eaten all day.

"How much?" I asked, indicating the bread. The sales girl clearly didn't understand English; she just looked confused and held up five fingers.

Cambodia uses two currencies. They have their own, the riel, which is worth 4000 to 1 US dollar. They also use the US dollar, which they prefer for larger transactions. The monetary system is a bit complicated. Basically, you can pay for things in USD, but your change will come back to you in a stack of riel.

5000r, I assumed - that's $1.25. That's a reasonable price for a few loaves of bread, even in a country where draught beer runs $0.50 per mug. I handed her a 5000r note. She took it, and looked even more confused.

So, long story short, I ended up with a massive sack full of baguettes, which would be breakfast and snacks for the next several days.

That's fine though. They were delicious! Especially when they were hot and fresh.


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