Comic #11 - Halloween!

Comic #11 - Halloween! - 26 October 2016

Happy (almost) Halloween from Bangkok, Thailand!

Being an expat in Thailand is great! But holiday season always feels a bit weird.

From October to January each year, I always feel like I'm missing out on something. Halloween was always a big deal in my family, and it's absolutely NOT a big deal in Thailand.

Sure, you might see a few decorations up at one of the bigger western-style department stores, but other than that you wouldn't even know there was a holiday. No costumes, no candy, no trick-or treating...

Last year, I was feeling a bit homesick and missed celebrating my usual Halloween traditions. Specifically, I hadn't carved a pumpkin in years. Pinky told me that she never had, so I wanted to give it a go!

The only problem was, we couldn't find any pumpkins!

Well, we couldn't find any appropriate pumpkins. The only ones we could find were these tiny flat gourds from Japan, totally unsuitable for carving! So we went with the next best thing...

the original Jack-o-Melon
And thus was born the jack-o-melon.

You know, pumpkins originate in the Americas, so in ancient Ireland, where our Halloween traditions began, people originally carved turnips! We aren't the only ones to carve something other than a pumpkin.

In the end, a watermelon was a LOT easier to carve than a pumpkin!

Happy Halloween!