Comic # 18 - Thai Spicy

Comic #18 - 14 December 2016

You'd think after four years in Thailand I would have learned my lesson by now...

 Thai food can be spicy. You know that. Everyone knows that. I should know that by now too.

But it just smells so good. How can I resist the tropical aroma of garlic, onion, chili, shrimp, lime... It's too good!

Yeah, I grew up with Tex-Mex, but "Thai Spicy" is something entirely different.

I love Thai food! But I'm not so good when it's too spicy that it burns my mouth and overpowers the other flavors. One of the very first phrases I learned to say in Thai was "mai phet krap"... not spicy please. It's really useful for me! I'm a typical "farang" (foreigner), I guess!


  1. Those Thai peppers are very hot!!! We are growing some in Arlington, Texas!!! One small pepper flavored an entire large pot of homemade soup! Love, Mom

    1. They're too hot for me! I have no idea what you would do with a whole plant of them!


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