What's Up With Those Stamps From 7-11?

I walk into my neighborhood 7-11 to pick up my morning can of iced coffee. It's early, and I'm still half asleep, but when I receive my change from the cashier, I notice that she has given me a few brightly-colored stamps along with my change. It's August, which means that "stamp season" has arrived at Thai 7-11 convenience stores. But what is the point of these stamps? How do they work? What the heck are you supposed to do with them?

thailand hello kitty stamps

7-11 Stamps

The stamps are an annual promotion taking place at 7-11 stores all across Thailand! It takes place during the autumn every year, with each year's stamps showing different characters and themes.

Thai 7-11 stamp collecting book
stamp collector's book

What do you do with them? 


If you are a sucker for collecting things, you might just want to pick up one of the stamp booklets from the front counter of the convenience store to help you arrange your stamps. Each year 7-11 produces stamps with a different theme using a different set of popular cartoon characters. This year, the stamps feature the different provinces of Thailand and a product that the province is known for.

A few years ago, they focused on the different countries in the ASEAN region, their national foods, costumes, landmarks, and culture.

It can be fun to try to collect all of the different stamps while "stamp season" lasts! Some people like to try to fill up their booklet completely, and consider that to be "winning" the "game".

collecting stamps in a Thai 7-11 stamp book
collected stamps from 7-11

Getting special merchandise

If you collect enough stamps, you can redeem them for specially-branded merchandise like tables, chairs, dinnerware, etc. It takes quite a few stamps to do this, but if you look on the front page of your stamp booklet, you can see what you need to save to reach your goal.

Making a donation 

If you don't want to save your stamps, you can leave them at 7-11 to be donated to a local charity. Some stores have a stamp page taped to the wall where you can stick your stamps as you leave. This goes towards the donation. It's one baht at a time, but I guess every little bit helps, right?

stamps on a wall to donate money in 7-11
donate your stamps at 7-11

How do they work?

 For every 50 baht you spend, you will receive one 1-baht stamp in return. Certain items, however, are marked with a promotion, allowing you to receive a number of specially colored 3-baht stamps.

Thai 7-11 promotional stamps

This mouthwash, for example, is worth seven 3-baht stamps.

Thai promotional stamps at a 7-11 convenience store to collect
7-11 stamp promotion

Sure, it's kind of a cheesy and silly promotion, but it can be fun too. Personally, I never redeem my stamps. Instead, I try to fill up at least one side of my stamp book with each year's stamps. I think it's kind of cool to see the different designs. They usually follow some sort of theme that goes towards encouraging people to learn about the culture of Thailand, which I think is pretty neat!


  1. How fun is that! Free stickers w purchase & redemption of gifts...splendid!♡

    1. It's a great promotion, and it always gets me to do my shopping at 7-11 rather than Family Mart!

  2. Haha. So cool! We've been collecting these and I have wondered what this promotion is.

    Now that it's the end of November, is this promotion over?


    1. They are still giving them out, but the promotion usually goes on between August and December, so it will probably end soon. Of course, you can still use all of your saved-up stamps at 7-11 to redeem for gifts or to pay for your purchases!

  3. If you still have lots of stamps left, you can always use them in place of coins hen you pay at 7-11. Each stamp is worth 1 or 3 baht each - a handful of spare stamps will easily buy you a coffee or one of those delicious ham and cheese toasty sandwiches!


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