Last Baht Guides to Living, Working, and Traveling in Thailand

Last Baht Guide #1: Guide to Transportation in Bangkok 2017

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How do I get to downtown Bangkok from the airport? How do I take a river boat to the Grand Palace? How do I purchase a ticket or fare card for the subway?Included are sections on getting two and from BOTH of Bangkok's international airports, the different types of public transportation available and how to use them, and a section all about how to take the city's efficient public transportation system to some of the biggest destinations in Bangkok.


 Last Baht Guide #2: Day Trips to Escape Bangkok

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Bangkok is a great city to live in and to visit, but there's plenty to see just outside of the city as well!From ancient Khmer ruins to beautiful tropical islands, use this guide to plan an excellent day trip to one of Bangkok's neighboring provinces for an easy, exciting, budget trip outside of the city.



 Last Baht Guide #3: Visiting a Thai Temple

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Going to a temple, even one of the major tourist sites, can be daunting and intimidating at first. This guide will help you to understand a bit more about this aspect of Thai culture so that you will feel more comfortable on your visit.This guide includes sections on do's and don'ts in a Thai temple, a brief overview of Thai Buddhist holidays, and a section about "making merit" - accumulating good karma at a temple by participating in certain religious acts.


 Last Baht Guide #4: Weekend Trips From Bangkok

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From beautiful tropical islands to dramatic waterfalls, historic sites to National Parks, central Thailand has it all. You don’t have to go all the way to Chiang Mai or Phuket for a great weekend away.Save money and time, and spend a nice weekend out of the city with these five suggestions for great getaways from Bangkok. Even a short-term tourist will be able to get more out of their trip to Thailand and see more of the country than just the big city by using this guide.



Guide Pack 1 (Guides #1-4) - a $5.00 value!

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This bundled collection of Last Baht Guides 1-4 (a $5 value) includes "Getting To, From, and Around Bangkok", "Day Trips to Escape Bangkok", "Visiting a Thai Temple", and "Weekend Trips Outside Bangkok".Get the most out of your baht by traveling Thailand on a budget with the inside knowledge of a long-term expat.



 Last Baht Guide #5: Animal Welfare in Thailand

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This e-book guide shares information about a number of animal welfare issues in Thailand, and how a visiting tourist can help support ethical interactions with elephants and more.The purpose of this ebook is hopefully to spread awareness about a few questionable practices that you might encounter during a visit to Thailand, and to offer some suggestions about ethical programs that will allow you to get up close and personal to interact with these animals on an ethical level.